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Welcome to ALASKA RIDES! This site is dedicated to the celebration of the sport of motorcycle riding in Alaska.



1999 Buell M2 Cyclone

What is it about Buells? A lot of bikers write them off as a real sport bike. I strongly disagree with this assumtion. See my review on the reviews page.

Hi, My name is John, and this is my first attempt at a web site. I am 44, married with five kids. I have been riding since I was thirteen. I have owned many different bikes throughout the years, and even raced a little motocross in Arizona in the 70's. But, I'm no expert. I'm just a guy who loves bikes. I intend to make this a site that covers all aspects of motorcycling in Alaska. It will include interviews, coverage of events/races, opinion polls, tech tips, and photos(as soon as I work out the bugs). I hope you enjoy this site. It is for you.

I have just started updating this site from when I originally published it. I just entered a new helmet review. I will be entering some local events soon, and some more pictures. The weather as of late has been pretty crappy for motorcycle riding, but we'll get something going now that I know somebody is actually reading this mag. Stay tuned.

John Hamp

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